Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Story That Sicken's Me To My Heart, Not Herbal or Hoodoo related

This article appeared on the Indian Country Today Media Network. I have spoken with the author and gotten her permission to reprint this article and spread the word. What saddens me is finding that I have Native American descent and that this is a family that is already struggling, the wife has medical issues, to which I can relate. What sickens me is these so called men are U.S Army soldiers, being a Army spouse I Know this is Not How We teach our Boys to Act! There are many people emailing and writing the local politicians in that area, I will enclose those links below as well. Please get the word out this hatred needs to stop!

By Valerie Taliman June 27, 2011
Johnny and Lisa Bonta, a Native family from the Reno Sparks Indian Colony, became the latest victims of a hate crime on May 24 when they were attacked at a gas station along I-80 in Fernley, Nevada, a border town between the Fallon and Pyramid Lake Indian reservations.
“I was pumping gas at Quick Stop on our way to Reno to look for another job when these skinheads in a blue car drove by real slow and checked us out.  The driver jumped out with a baseball bat, and I asked them ‘why you holding a bat?” said Bonta. “He said ‘let’s do this’ and tried to pick a fight. I don’t know how to explain what happened—we didn’t do anything to them.”
Bonta, a Paiute member of the Reno Sparks Indian Colony, tried to avoid the confrontation by telling them he didn’t want to fight. He got back in the car, with his son-in-law Shane Murray at the wheel, and they quickly drove away with the carload of skinheads in close pursuit.
As they approached the freeway ramp, they were cut off as the blue car swerved in front of them, then slammed on the brakes, causing Murray to crash into it.  Murray said he recognized one of the attackers as Jacob Cassell, a former classmate and son of retired Lyon County Sheriff officer Jim Cassell.
“They all jumped out of the car with baseball bats, knives and a crowbar, and we knew they were going to hurt us,” said Lisa Bonta, in an interview from Washoe Medical Center, where she was in treatment for seizures she suffers.
The fight broke out on the highway after 1 p.m. and while traffic was passing by, no one would stop to help them. Lisa and her daughter, Alyssa, were terrified watching the brutal and bloody fight as her unarmed husband and son-in-law tried to fight off the three young men in their 20s.
“I saw one of them hit my husband in the head with a bat, and the other one was trying to cut off his braid with a knife.  Johnny was covered in blood and they just kept hitting him with a crow bar.  They even tried to slit his throat,” she added.
“Jacob Cassell had my son-in-law on the ground in a chokehold and Shane was turning blue. My daughter was sobbing ‘they’re killing him’ and somehow she found the strength to hit Jacob in self-defense so he would release Shane.”
It was then, Lisa said, that Cassell turned his anger on her and her daughter, jumping on the hood of their car while swinging a baseball bat and cursing at them.
“I’m a 46 year-old woman with serious health problems, and I tried to defend myself, but he hit me across the lower back with his bat, calling us ‘niggers and river monsters,” said Lisa, who is Anglo. “He pointed at Alyssa and said he would rape her the next time he saw her in Fernley, where she lives.”
Meanwhile, Johnny Bonta was knocked unconscious with a bat, his nose and sinus cavities broken and bleeding, with stab wounds on his neck.
Lisa said Jacob Cassell taunted the family as the sirens approached, telling them, “You hear those cops coming? They’re not going to help you. My daddy is a cop in this town, and nothing is going to happen to me. You fucking niggers are going to jail.”
When Lyon County Sheriff’s officers arrived, they took statements and began filling out police reports with Cassell and his friends, but they did not take statements from any of the victims. When Lisa asked why they were not being questioned for a statement, no one responded. “They ignored us,” she said, before she suffered a seizure and required medical attention.
Three ambulances responded to the scene and took Lisa, Alyssa and Murray away for treatment; Murray’s injuries included a crushed elbow and broken hand.
Johnny Bonta, bleeding and barely standing after being hit in the knees with a bat, was arrested on the scene and taken to jail. He said he was not allowed medical treatment for six days while he was in the county jail, all the while uncertain about what charges had been filed against him.
Assuming he was on his way to the hospital, Lisa Bonta had no idea her husband had been arrested. She finally located her husband in jail after calling other facilities repeatedly, and was very upset that he was not given medical treatment for his extensive injuries.
“I asked them to tell me what charges he was being held on and no one would say. They said they gave him the information, but he can’t read or write, so I needed to find out. At first they said there was a bench warrant for an unpaid $367 fine, and when we made arrangements to pay that, they charged him with battery with a deadly weapon, even though it was those boys who had the weapons. The booking papers say we owe $30,367.00. ”
Lisa Bonta is outraged that their attackers were all released at the scene of the crime and were not charged despite the fact they bragged about it on Facebook on May 24, the day of the attack.
Two hours after attacking the Bontas, Josh Janiszewski of Fernley wrote, “Just laid the fists and boots to some 6′ 5” tongan dude. what you got on little guys?” at 3:13 p.m. When asked if they gave them hell, Josh responded. “Oh we did. That’s for sure!” at 3:48 p.m. “Amen,” said Jacob Cassell at 4:07 p.m.
Jacob’s mother Dee Cassell also commented, “So…who has blood? You guys need to come home to mom?” at 4:48 p.m. She later added that she gave them First Aid. “Better have ur asses at home after I did 1st aid. Don’t piss off women – they r worse than men!” she wrote at 8:00 p.m.
When asked if they got “some good licks” in, Josh said, “sent em to the hospital, they got fucked up man, thats for sure.”
Meanwhile, Johnny Bonta stayed behind bars while Lisa and her family called the jail each day, asking if Johnny had been treated for his injuries. No one would tell her his condition. One morning, she says a surly guard told her “he’ll have to get his Indian doctor if he wants treatment,” then hung up on her.
Lisa appealed to the Reno Spark Indian Colony and said she was able to get two Indian Health Service doctors to agree to visit Johnny in jail, but was told by jail officials that could not be allowed. It was not until tribal police pursued Johnny’s release that he was finally released after six days and was able to see a doctor.
The family also lost their car following the attack. The Bontas could not locate their car after the Lyon County Sheriff’s office had it towed from the scene. When Lisa called to ask about their car, she was told the police had no information. She found the car two weeks later in a small towing yard, tires flattened and in need of repair. Since Johnny has not been able to work, they cannot afford to pay the impoundment fees or have it repaired. They are now walking to all of their medical appointments in Reno. The situation has created great hardship for them and their children.
“We lost everything as a result of this attack, and now we’re homeless since we can’t go back to Fernley,” said Lisa. “The FBI took our statement last week and we know they got a copy of the video from the gas station parking lot. We are asking for a full investigation into this hate crime.”
The Bontas said since this happened, at least four other Native families have told them they too were harassed and attacked by skinheads in nearby border towns. But people told her they don’t report the incidents because they don’t believe police will help them. These follow an April 2010 attack on Vincent Kee, Navajo, in Farmington, New Mexico, where three men took Kee from a McDonald’s and shaved a swastika symbol on the back of his head and branded him with the symbol using a coat hanger.
“Someone could have died that day,” said Lisa, “and the only reason this happened is because my husband and son-in-law have brown skin. We have a 10-year-old daughter, and I have to speak out about what happened for her sake. I just don’t understand why these young boys think they have the right to randomly beat others. We have to put a stop to this kind of behavior.”
Lisa also said they are hiring an attorney. “I want the police to know they can’t deny people medical treatment just because they feel like it. Johnny could have died from a head injury, and they violated his civil rights. They should be held accountable.”
Indian Country Today Media Network will continue to follow this story and is looking into any fundraising information there may be for our readers. The case has been classified as a hate crime and is under investigation by the FBI. ICTMN is currently waiting for approval for copies of the police report. Calls to the Reno office of the FBI were not returned.

What you can do:
go to
and sign the petition.
Write a letter expressing your outrage and concern for this family to
Attorney General of Nevada Catherine Cortez Masto @
Mayor of Fernley,  LeRoy Goodman @
Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval @
  here is a direct quote from Fernley Mayor on their town website:
  • Quality of Life: Isn't that what it is all about? The City of Fernley is one of the safest in the region. As a community, we all know that working together and character counts, and that we need to make sure that all of our neighborhoods are living up to its highest potential. Thanks to a city wide effort, whether it be Neighborhood Watch, the schools, our corporate neighbors or the many fraternal and civic organizations, we are pulling together to put Fernley’s best foot forward.

Let's see how well they live up to their words

Friday, June 10, 2011

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts Giveaway Offers 675+ FREE Health and Wellness Related Products, Services & Memberships

Now normally I don't go for self-help gimmicks and things but I found this wonderful website with tons of great stuff Free, and I love Free. See I have the worse time trying to meditate and not fall asleep, so when I found this site it gave me great meditation mp3's, cd's books ect. Not only is Meditation helpful for relaxation and healing for AS but for contacting your inner guide and developing your spiritual contact. Also they have every subject you could imagine. I have barely scratched the surface and saw I had to share it with my readers. I just had to let you know today about the Health and Wellness site that will allow you to download 100’s of self help gifts. And the best part is that it is absolutely FREE!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Remove A Love Hex

Spiritual cleansing baths are a common used in magic and hoodoo to remove a hex. The strongest items you could use for this purpose are either already in your kitchen pantry, farmers market or grocery store. Essential oils may be used as well though some of these particular herbs are difficult to find in oil form.

Items you will need

Dill weed
Lemon balm
Bay leaves
Aloe Vera
Magnolia leaves
Cheese cloth or Muslin bag
Pot of water and lid
White votive or tea light candle
Bath tub or shower
Clean white towel

Look at the list of items given for this ritual bath you may be thinking this is a complex work, it is not.. Dill weed, bay leaves and Lemon balm, items one through three, are specifically used for removing a hex The rest of the list are items used in love, hex removing and protection spells. Gather together at least nine of the herbal items. The dill, bay leaves and the lemon balm are a must to remove a love hex. Salt is also a very strong jinx remover.

Take a hand full of dill weed, lemon balm and bay leaves and six other items of your choosing on this list and tie them in a cheese cloth or muslin bag. If you are using salt do not add that to the bag, that you add directly to the tub or shower.

Place the bag of herbs into pot of water, cover and simmer on low heat for at least one hour. Do not allow to boil this will evaporate many of the good primary essential oils of the plants into the air.

Once the plants have simmered run a bath. Light your white candle. If you only have access to a shower how to use this spell will be in the next step. Pour the pot of water with the bag of herbs into the bath. If you have chosen salt as one of the ingredients this is the time to add a hand full of this. Wash your body in a downward motion to remove the negativity of the love hex.

If you only have access to a shower tie the bag of herbs to your shower head. String a rubber band anything to allow the water to flow through the herbs. Wash your body in a downward motion with the cooled water from the pot.

While washing think of how the power of the herbs are removing your love hex. Imagine it washing away from your life and down the drain. If you know the person who put the love hex on you imagine them or their efforts against you washing down the drain as well.

Cleanse thoroughly then step out of the tub and dry yourself in a clean white towel. Carry your candle to a safe place if it is still burning and allow to burn down. Depose of the candle remains at the base of a tree far from your house.

(Reference 1)
“The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook” 1st Edition, Denise Alvarado, 2009

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Extract Your Own Essential Oils With Grain Alcohol

Just as there are many varieties of essential oils there are many various uses for them. From aromatherapy to health care, pure essential oils have become very popular. They of course can be used in spells and potions. Your own home made magical oils what could be better than that?

There are a few methods of extracting essential oils from herbs and plants one of the most potent being the use of grain alcohol. Alcohol is ideal for extracting fats, resins, waxes and most plant alkaloids. It is an excellent preservative and is quickly assimilated. 
 Have fun play with your scents and flowers, create your own signature scents and unique blends. You can use some tried and true Hoodoo recipes like "Follow me Boy" or my Favorite Cleo May Oil, which smells divine!

Items needed
blender or food processor
Wide mouth jar
grain alcohol
dried Herbs or flowers
Cheese cloth
2 cup capacity sauce pan
Electric stove or electric burner
Dark colored bottles

Step one
Chop dried herbs or flowers in blender or food processor. Pour chopped herbs into wide mouth jar.
Cover herbs with grain alcohol until the chopped or powdered particles are either floating or completely covered. Vodka, gin or Everclear are some of the grain alcohols often used to extract essential oils. Close jar tightly, shake jar and store in a dark cool place.

Step Two
Let herb and alcohol sit for a few hours, shaking and gently inverting it every 15minutes. Strain the liquid from the solid material through a cheesecloth into the sauce pan. Twist and squeeze cheesecloth tightly to extract as much of the liquid as possible. Repeat step one and two, reusing the same plant material for dense or heavy herbs or flowers.

Step Three

Use this step only if you have an electric stove or burner. Do not use a gas stove to cook down alcohol as this can result in a fire. Place sauce pan on electric burner and turn on lowest setting. Watch the liquid closely, it should never go over a slight boil. Allow liquid to cook until slightly thickened. This step burns off the alcohol leaving the pure essential oil. Once the liquid is the consistency of heated oil remove from heat. Allow to cool then use funnel to pour finished oil into the dark colored bottle. Seal, label and date your oil.

If you do not have an electric stove or burner.

If you have no electric stove or burner stop at step two. Instead of letting the mixture sit for a few hours it will have to sit for three to four weeks. This will allow time for the alcohol to evaporate on its own. Shake mixture once a day to keep it from settling. Check liquid after three weeks to see determine if the alcohol has evaporated. Once it has evaporated use funnel to pour finished oil into the dark colored bottle.
Seal, label and date your bottles.

Next post I will share a few of my favorite oil recipes.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Extract Maca Root For Tincture

Things You'll Need      * Maca root     * Distilled water     * 100 proof alcohol     * Blender     * Wide-mouth jar     * Cheese cloth     * Coffee filter     * Funnel     * Dark-colored medicine bottle with dropper     * Label     * Pen  Tips      * Vodka is generally used to make extracts.     * If you prefer not to use alcohol you can substitute vinegar; this may decrease potency.     * Use sterile equipment for best results.  Warnings      * 100 proof alcohol is extremely flammable; do not use near open flame.

Maca root is a nutritional supplement from the Peruvian Andes used for a variety of health conditions. Considered a super food in Peru, maca is used for infertility, impotence, menopause, and sexual dysfunction in men and women taking anti-depressants. Clinical trials are currently being conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital for its use for sexual dysfunction and acute anterior uveitis, a painful condition of swelling and inflammation behind the eye. Make maca root into an extract at home for personal use.

Getting Started  Step 1  Purchase whole or chopped maca root at your local Whole Foods store. The root is sold either fresh or dried. Fresh maca root must be sun-dried 10 to 15 days before it can be made into an extract for maximum potency. You can also oven dry it for four to five hours, but this will diminish the quality. Skip this step if you purchased dried maca root.

  Step 2  Weigh your dried maca root. You will need one part maca root to two parts liquid. For example, you need two ounces of maca root and four ounces of distilled water and four ounces of 100-proof alcohol. Coarsely chop the root and place in a blender or food processor. Allow blender to run until root is ground into a coarse powder. Once it is the desired consistency turn off blender. Add the four ounces of distilled water and the four ounces of alcohol. Run the blender until the root material and the liquid is mixed into a fine paste. Pour the contents into a wide mouth jar. Seal the jar, label it with the contents and the date. Allow the jar and mixture to steep in a warm spot out of direct sunlight for two weeks. Shake the jar daily to prevent settling or separation of the mixture.

Step 3  After two weeks, strain the liquid from the solid root material through a cheesecloth into a container. Twist and squeeze cheesecloth tightly to extract as much of the liquid as possible. Strain the liquid again through a coffee filter. Use funnel to pour liquid extract into a dark-colored dropper bottle. Label and date the maca root extract bottle. Tincture Extract will keep up to one year.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adding Herbal Tinctures to Tea

Tea Time

With people becoming more health conscious the demand for herbal supplements and tinctures have grown. Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs. They are usually extracted in alcohol, but they can also be extracted in vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. Tinctures can either be taken by simply placing a drop or two under the tongue or adding a few drops of the supplement in a cup of tea. Given the bitter nature taste of some herbs adding them to your tea is certainly a sweeter deal.

You can find tinctures in your local health food store, pharmacy or herbalist. Find the right tincture for your condition or need. Do your research, tinctures just as over the counter medications are not a one type fits all. Many tinctures are labeled with the condition making choosing easier. For example one named Cold and Flu tincture will contain herbs believed to help treat colds and flu. condition. You can get a single herb preparation or a multiple herbal formula. When in doubt do not be afraid to ask. Many employees of the health food stores and some pharmacies have either a person on staff who is familiar with the products or access to the product material.

If you do not have a favorite tea now is the best time to find one. Just as tinctures come bag in a wide variety, so do teas. From loose tea to prepackaged in their own bags the variety is endless. Have a sweet tooth, cinnamon apple or mango vanilla tea with some honey is a good choice. Want more traditional reach for the earl grey or some good green tea.

Set your water to boil. Place tea bag in cup and pour in water, allow tea to steep according to package directions. Add sweetener if desired. Allow the tea to cool for a minute before adding the tincture. Adding the tincture to the boiling water can destroy the herbs herb's enzymes. Use the medicine dropper to add the tincture to your tea. The dosage of tincture will depend on package instructions or the instructions of your physician or herbalist.

You can use your favorite tea or purchase one especially for taking the tincture. Remember to take in to consideration that other herbal teas may interact with the tincture.
Choose your herbal tea carefully as some herbs may make the tincture you add to the tea useless or even dangerous. The popular herb St. John's Wort should not be used with licorice root because it may cause your blood pressure to rise. This goes for your prescription medication as well. For example milk thistle tincture will interact with medications taken for diabetes. This is where doing your research and keeping your physician informed of your supplements becomes necessary.

In my next posting I will give instructions on making your own herbal tinctures at home.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Oya's Product List

Miss Oya's Product List

Using only the finest, freshest and 100% organic herbs, resins, and oils from Bavaria, Germany. Herbs are hand picked and dried when in season. Not only do our products focus on the magical properties but we promote the healing benefits of the herbs as well.
All Products can be made into a oil, bath soak, bar soap, body wash, floor and house wash unless other wise noted. Both medicinal and magical, hoodoo properties listed.

All Product is packed in recycled containers when available so packaging may differ depending, but quantities nor quality will not.

Custom blends for special conditions can and will be made upon request.
Not all herbs are safe for pregnant or nursing women, please consult before use.

Healing and Magical Herbal and/or Essential Oil Bath Salts
Healing mixtures of herbs, barks and Oils, blended with Coarse sea salt, Epsom salts, and dead sea salt.
12 oz $10.00
Coming Soon Healing and Magical Herbal Baths with out salts or minerals

Healing and Hoodoo Washes
All organic and gentle enough to clean both the body or the house.
Made with fresh herbs or oils, depending on the mixture. Cleansing formulas will be sent in dried herb and oil infused form, with instructions on how to turn them into washes. This is to insure the highest quality and prevent spoilage during shipping.
8 dry oz $9.99

Magical/Hoodoo or Oils Hand-blended
Base oil is 100% Organic Grape Seed or Jojoba depending on formula.
1 Fl. Oz $6.00
2.5 Fl. Oz $9.99

Healing &/Or Magical Herbal, Essential Oil Soap & Body Wash
Herbal organic $3.00 Herbal and milk organic $4.00
Body Wash 8 Fl Oz $ 9.99

Top Hot Formulas

9 Item Love Healer/to mend a blocked relationship)/Relaxant and Beauty Enhancement

Detox For The Body, Soul or House

Super Luck and Prosperity/ Anti-inflammatory Formula
Used in the bath or even as a house wash this formula brings luck, money and opportunities to the user from unexpected places. Used as a bath soak it has excellent anti-inflammatory

Fiery love /Cold and Flu & anti-inflammatory
Incites passion, reignites the old flame and spark in your love live. The healing properties of the herbs and ingredients helps fight and ward off colds and flu. Also an excellent anti-inflammatory soak when used in the bath.

Heart and Soul Mender

Removes the residue of past relationships gone bad/soothes nerves, lifts depression and eases tension headaches, rejuvenates and re-hydrates skin

Banishing Formula/ No medicinal uses
Gets rid of the really bad jinxs and hexing.

Vision Formula(best as oil)
For strengthening your divination tools, use during meditation or anointing your third eye.

Lady Luck/ Stress and pain relief.

Other formulas

Arthritis and Auto-immune Healer/Strong Love Hold (Can be used in reverse to rid yourself of unwanted love or attention)

Joint Soothing Blend/Good Business Blend, (Especially useful when you have strong business adversaries or need to keep the law away.)

Muscle Soothing Blend/ Fiery Protection

Circulation Blend & Anti-inflammatory / Bring Me Love and Money

Antioxidant, Anti-aging /Cleanse the Way and Draw Me Money.

Pain Relief, Antispasmodic / Cleanse the Way and Draw Business

Detox and Pain Relief / Clears & Protects Money

Immunity and Skin Rejuvenation Booster/ Personal Power and Protection

Beautifying Skin/Jinx Breaking and Protection

Purification and Healing Blend/ Hex & Jinx Send Back(Sends the bad right back to the one who threw it at you)

Serenity and Tranquility Blend/ Increasing Blend

Skin Calming and Soothing Blend/ Increase Love and Beauty

Skin Cleansing and Anti-rheumatic Blend/ Power Blend

Soothing Blend/Love and Wish Drawing

Nighttime Soothing Pain Relief and Anti-inflammatory/ Dreams Answered Blend

Woman’s Health and Tranquility Blend/Powerful Woman

Stimulating and Uplifting/ Midas Touch

Yes we do test our products on animals, only those formulas which are ASPCA certified safe Herbs for animals.

Doggie Be Calm (Cat friendly too)
An herbal infusion that can be given as a side dish of water for your four legged family member.
Helps dogs with jealousy, aggression and anger issues. Is a nerve tonic and analgesic. Hoodoo properties are good luck, peaceful home, love and protection.
Dosage 6 fl. Oz per day as needed.
4 oz of dried herb makes 2 gallons of water. $9.00

Coming Soon More Furry Friend Line of Products

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sorry I have been away so long

Greetings All,
I had not realized how long it has been since I posted. I have been working on my new latest and greatest new project.
Coming soon will be Miss Oya's hand crafted herbal soaks, soaps, body washes,and herbal hoodoo house cleansers. I will even be including a pet product line. Depending on the product either fresh herbs or 100% pure essential oils, made by me will be used.

  Product will be made upon order to insure maximum freshness. Of course I will do custom orders for people with certain conditions. I incorporate my knowledge as a Nurse and my new field of study herbal and alternative therapies. Most of the ingredients will use organic, hand picked herbs and flowers grown in Bavaria Germany. My wish is to also incorporate mineral waters from the famous thermal springs of Baden Baden, Germany soon as well.

Here is a recipe for the most wonderful herbal tea that helps with inflammation, I drink at least three cups a day. Keeps me going and inspired on a bad flare day.
You will need either a tea ball or reusable tea bag, I have used with sucess in the past a paper towel tied with a string.

Miss Oya's Inflammation and Inspiration Tea

1/4 cup. Lemon grass herb dry
1/8 cup Green tea, dried
1/4 cup Vervain, dried
4 drops of either pure mint extract or essential oil. I prefer the peppermint essential oil due to mint extract can some time be over powering. You can also play with the recipe to suit your tastes But the Lemon Grass and the Vervain are the key ingredients for inflammation, aches pains and fatigue.
Mix all together in air tight glass jar.
I use 1 1/2 Table spoons to each bag.
Let steep in boiling water for 3 minutes I reuse the same bag/ball twice
Drink with or without honey or splenda or your favorite sweetener.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Spell to Attract Love or Re-Attract and Old Flame.

Hello Dear Friends!

 With Valentines day just a day away I thought I would share with you all a love spell. I made it for a friend and we shall she how well it works. She wishes to get an old love back and nothing stands in her way but a fear to commit on his part. Here is the spell I gave her.

Take equal amounts of Sage, peppermint, star anise not regular anise seeds, lavender, rose petals, and safflower oil. I'd use about 1/4th cup of each. Now if you do not have fresh herbs or plants, I have and do use spices from the grocery store. Even peppermint tea in a pinch.
Mix all into a small sauce pan and let simmer on low or 3 on a electric stove let simmer for about 3 to 4 hours, covered. If the oil dries out you can add a little more. Safflower is the best for this but you may sub with olive oil.
When it's simmered for a few hours to allow the oil to absorb all of the oils from the herbs Add 2 quarts of water, again let simmer on low, for another hour.
Strain and put mixture into a glass jar. Use about a 1/2 cup per bath. Bathe in this mixture for 5 consecutive days.
Burn a pink or purple candle and think of him as you are bathing. Think of the two of you together.
if you do not plan to use it right away put some vitamin E into it , to prevent spoilage.

Another good spell for love is to feed your desired lover something with your essence in it. Think fluid essences. That will cause a deeper and stronger bond for him to think of only you.
Be cautious about who you want to put a love spell, or any spell on for that matter, once done some are hard to break. You may end up with this person hanging around for a long time.
Enjoy all and Have a Happy Valentines day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tea Tree Rub for Inflammation, Pain and Carpel Tunnel

One of the wonderful things about having an autoimmune disorder is when your body decides that a particular part of your body is carrying or is a virus.
The last two days my body has decided my hands were the enemy and have set out to kill them. It's been fun. I look like I'm wearing oven mitts. Typing is not fun so I will make this short and sweet.
I dug out my favorite Encyclopedias of Alternative Therapy and found a wonderful reciepe that I thought I would share with everyone. I know a lot of  people suffer from Carpel tunnel, this is said to be wonderful for that as well.
This maybe an old, known remedy for some or all but it is new to me.

Mix 18 drops of pure Tea Tree Oil to 1/8th cup of almond oil.
Shake and rub on inflicted sites two to four times a day.
May be massaged into the wrists for carpel tunnel.
Tea Tree oil has many medicinal properties that I may get into later, right now I am going to rub some on my oven mitts of hands and enjoy.

Gale's Encyclopedia of Alternative Therapy 2nd edition, volume 4: Tea Tree Oil, pg 229

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hebal Tea to Calm Agressive and Anxious Pets

As most of you know I have been on a herbal remedy expedition for awhile, ever since my ancestors said "go pick wild herbs" and I found that most of my favorite hoodoo and spell herbs grow wild where I live. Being well versed in the magical properties of herbs I set out to find out the medicinal uses as well. I have found some wonderful recipes and brews over the last few months.

One of the things in our house is, I'm a rescuer, I can't stand to let stray animals be strays. I always say I am going to find them a home but, well most of them are still here. Three dogs and a cat.

One of our dogs, Lilo, is a pug/lab mix and has always had jealousy issues. She is otherwise a very sweet and loving dog, good with kids good with neighbors, just jealous.  Lately her issues have been getting out of control to the point where she was frequently attacking one of the other dogs. Her and the cat would start war with each other. With those two I could never tell who started it. It was like children. I had to constantly carry a water gun or a squirt bottle.
Our chihuahua who has medical issues as it is has severe anxiety issues. Separation anxiety. When ever anyone picks up their  shoes without his lease he freaks out. He whines constantly, over everything. When we leave he will howl, cry and whine the entire time we are gone.
The other dog is just fine, no issues at all. The cat, well that's Legba's altar cat and bff, so she's nuts.

The constant fighting and whining I had finally had enough. So I looked up medications for anxious and aggressive dogs that I was going to talk the vet into giving them.
I found some very interesting articles on Herbal Preparations and even Bach's Rescue Remedy for Pet's.
I cross referenced the reciepes I found online with my Gale's Encyclopedia of Alternative Medication, the ASPCA website on harmful herbs for both cats and dogs and

This is the recipe I came up with for a calmer happier animal kingdom I live in.

20 bags of Chamomile tea, cut open and poured into a mason jar. Or 2 cups dried Chamomile herb. Chamomile is a nerve calming, analgesic and pain tonic for animals. - Hoodoo properties, good luck.
10 bags of Lemon grass tea, or 1 cup dried Lemongrass herb. Calms aggression and anxiety. - Hoodoo, wards off evil and promotes luck.
1/2 cup Lavender, dried. Calms nerves. -Hoodoo, love and luck.
1/4 cup Rosemary, dried. Calms the mind and is an anti-oxidant for animals. - Hoodoo, peaceful home and protection.
Mix together real well by shaking the jar, allowing all the herbs to blend well.
While I did this I thought of no more fighting no more whining and gave it positive vibes.
I let it sit over night so I could call the vet and get the ok before giving it to them. Their vet is a German vet who works on the Army base and was more than happy to Ok my blend of herbs for the dogs. She even wanted me to email her the recipe.

Take 1/4 cup herbal mixture to 2 cups water, bring to a hard boil and allow to steep for 15-20 minutes. Strain the tea, or if you used a teaball remove it. Pour the tea into a pitcher and add water until you have 1/2 a gallon of solution.
For dogs that will not drink I use a small medicine syringe and give him 2 tablespoons a day for a 10 lb chihuahua. I may need to up that he still whines.

The vet said it is safe for a small to medium size dog to have a 6 oz cup a day and large dogs over 75 kilos 12 oz.
I started this a week ago today, mine drink a little here and there I leave a small bowl out.
Lilo and the cat will just go drink it when they feel like it, stitch has to be force fed.
I have had peaceful bliss ever since. No more dog fighting, no more jealousy, they share toys and even the crazy cat has stopped attacking the dog and vice versa.

Just thought I'd share my awesome discovery with y'all. But remember as with anything always check with your medical professional first before using.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Herbs That Can be Used as Tea, soaks, ointments or tinctures for Pain and Other Conditions

Catnip (Nepeta cataria), also called Catmint.

This herb can be used for Muscle Cramps, Pms, Migraines and Tension Headaches, Promotes Relaxation, Cold and Flu, and Stomach aches. It is safe for children to drink as well and is used for colic. Pregnant women should not drink Catnip tea.

Making Catnip Tea

Dried Catnip can be made into a tea by adding 10 teaspoons of Catnip in a piece of cheese cloth, teaball, a piece of muslin or loose herbs into one liter of boiled water. Cover the pot to avoid the oil of the herb to evaporate. Let the herb steep for 10 minutes. If you used loose Catnip herb strain before drinking. Refrigerate the remaining tea in a mason jar or similar container.
You can also use the Catnip tea to treat bruises and cuts either as a soak added to bath or make a compress with the tea and place it on injured area. It is a wonderful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. If you have no Catnip tea available the fresh herb, or wet dried herb can be applied directly to the skin or injured area.

Catnip can be a sedative so it is best not to use if you have plans to go any where, it is not safe to drive or operate heavy machinery after use.
Other common side effects are upset stomach and of course allergic reaction. It has no known interactions with any drugs but may increase the effects of other sedative herbs.

In Hoodoo Catnip is used as a love and attraction herb. It is an ingredient in many love potions and spells. It is also a good herb to use when you want to make a peaceful home brew.

Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)

Devil's Claw is a very popular herbal medication in Europe. It is used for a variety of conditions such as; rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, soft muscle pain(tendonitis), inflammation, fever and headaches.
It is also used as an appetite stimulator and aids with digestion. Another popular use was for some liver and kidney problems, I have not found the studies or confirmed sources on that use other than as folk medicine. In Germany it is used primarily as a pain, inflammation, headache and digestion remedy.
The herb can be taken in capsule form, a tincture, or my favorite, tea. The dosage of the capsule form is usually 50mg a day. As a tincture one teaspoon three times a day on an empty stomach.

Making Devil's claw tea

As a tea Devil's claw can be made by the cup or by the batch just like the Catnip tea. Prepare tea using 1 liter of boiling water poured over 4 teaspoons of the herb or 1 teaspoon to 10.5 oz or 300 ml of boiling water. Some alternative therapy websites and books say that the herb needs anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to steep to be of use. According to a study done in 1997 by the German Commission E (a commission similar to the FDA), it must be steeped for eight hours. Strain after steeping, if loose herb or root was used and drink warm. It is said to have a bitter taste, you can sweeten with honey or fruit juice. Store the remaining batch in a mason or similar jar in the refrigerator.

The draw back to using Devil's Claw is that it may take up to a month before you will see any noticeable improvement in pain relief or inflammation. People taking blood thinners or who have stomach ulcers should not take this herb. If you are planning surgery of any kind inform your surgeon that you are using Devil's Claw as it can increase bleeding time, you may be required to stop use of it two weeks prior to surgery. Use during pregnancy is uncertain some practitioners say it is safe some say it is not.
As with this or any herbal supplement it is not a replacement for traditional medical care when needed. Always inform your doctor of any vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement you are using. Western medicine is started to come around slowly to some alternative therapy's but not all doctor's are that open minded just yet. If you seriously desire to use only natural remedies consider seeking out a professional herbalist, homeopathic practitioner or naturopathic doctor.

No know Hoodoo properties that I have found.

The supporting material I used for these recipes are;

The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, 2nd edition, 2005

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Floor wash or body soak, for sore bodies and for unexpected luck, gifts, prosperity and money

I thought I would share this wash I had made up a few weeks ago and had wonderful results with.

I started out making a floorwash as I do every week or so. I wanted to bring success to a business I am starting and bring money my way. But it quickly turned into a bath soak.
I put 2-3 cups in my bath and good stuff just started piling up on me.
 Weird out of the blue stuff so I had to share this with everyone.
Next to their medicinal uses I will be putting Hoodoo uses for the herbs .
2 gallons of water
Elderberries-Topically used for swelling and wound healing. Can also be used for psorisis.--Hoodoo- protection
Mint---Topically used as a antibacterial, Counter acts the damage of oxidation on skin and tissue. Hoodoo- to break any blockages that may be keeping $$ from me and protect my $$
Nutmeg- Topically used to relax muscles & sedate the body, is one of the ingredients in Vicks vaporub--Hoodoo- bringing good fortune
Allspice- No topical use that I know of- Hoodoo-luck in business, $$, relieve stress
Cinnamon—Topically used anti-fungal & antibacterial for Hoodoo- luck in business & $$
Irish moss- No known medicinal use I know of- Hoodoo-$$ luck in business
Sassafras- Topically used to treat bruises and swelling- Hoodoo- good fortune in business success and increase $$
Cloves- when used topically anesthetic, pain relief, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory for Hoodoo-$$
Dandelion- Vitamin rich herb good for the skin, can be eaten also- Hoodoo- grant wishes- psychic gifts
Ginger- Topically used for arthritic and joint pain- Hoodoo - usually for fiery protection ,heats up love oh and is used for money spells
Sage- Used topically as a wound healer.- Hoodoo- I add to all floor washes- increase wisdom protects and purifies my fav wild grows white sage by my house.

I let my intuition guide me on how much to use a handful of this a pinch of that. 
You can use fresh herbs or dried. Best results are ones you pick and dry your self,
but you can and I have used herbs bought from the grocery store.
Bring to low boil.
Let simmer on low for a few hours, every so often go and stir it with your hand. Talk to it and tell it what you need it to do, give it it's purpose. Ask the spirits to guide you and pour their power into it. I called to my ancestors and to the Orisha and asked them to help my household with what we need. Do this about every hour. I usually let simmer on 1-2 setting on electric stove for about 4 hours. Then I let it cool off in the pot over night. Before I let it sit I add
1/2 cup liquid dish soap (I substitute scent free shower gel if fora body wash,this batch I used dish soap)

when added to bath also used
Epsom Salts- Topically muscle relaxant, rheumatism and arthritis- Hoodoo- cleanse, purification,and bless
Sea Salt-Topically to remove toxins from the skin- Hoodoo- all purpose curio.

To use as a floor was add a cup or two to a gallon bucket of water with your regular floor cleaner.
In the bath Two to three sometimes more if you feel like it, lay back and enjoy.

Not only did the good stuff start piling in but after using in a bath, I felt great!
 Even my husband used it after a hard day at work, he was one big bruise/cramp and after the bath he felt great!

I would love to hear back from any of you who use my recipe and how it worked for you.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome To My World

Welcome to my blog.
I wanted to start my own site for sometime now, why? Because I suffer from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis , what is that... It's like Rheumatoid Arthritis with some Lupus and some ugly other stuff thrown in just for kicks. Or as a wonderful website support group I found calls it's “Arthritis with an Attitude” you can find them at

The Spondylitis Association of America almost 1% of the U.S population has this condition, only 7% of the total population carry the gene marker, HLA-B27. Of those almost 1% of the population that have AS only 4% are women. This is pretty much the norm world wide. Yeah leave it to me to get some wild obscure condition.

Oh but AS is more than just Arthritis it comes with all kind of wonderful other stuff like Iritis, which is where the immune system decides that your eye is the enemy/virus and tries to kill it. Imagine little demons behind your eye trying to push your eyeball out, it's fun. We get all the symptoms of RA without the joint damage, yeah pain but no twisted fingers. But the best part is slowly over time the spine calcifies and fuses together, ya know those little old people who are permanently bent over, or the ones with hunchbacks, Go team, that's us.

I wanted to start a blog about this two years ago when the Doctors finally figured out what was wrong with me. I thought I was crazy or some kind of hypochondriac, so did a lot of people. Never really sick, just vague not feeling well. Now my disease has a name, and a horribly bleak prognosis. But I didn't come here to whine, yes I'm in chronic pain, everyday. Yes everyday I wake up to ask myself what kind of crap am I going to feel like today.

Why did I never start that blog? Who the hell wants to listen to someone whine and moan about how bad they feel, or this hurts that hurts. Or that I'm not even 40 years old and this isn't fair. As my best friend Lyn Arroyo said, “I'm too young and beautiful for this to happen to me.” But it did, and no life’s not fair. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

One of my passions has always been Hoodoo, yes I said that, so if that offends you please go on to another blog site. I respect everyone's beliefs and I expect mine to be respected. I will be blogging about herbal, alternative and Hoodoo therapy’s.
Now this is no substitution for regular medical care, but something to be used in addition to traditional medication. Always ask your doctor before taking any herbal supplement consult the doctor or nurse.

I was posting back and forth with a friend, Fred on my fav .Ning site run by the awesome author Denise Alvarado, and an expert in a few hundred other things and Sharon, her business partner,an author & magazine writer,co-publisher of Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly,a Wiccan High Priestess, & a New Orleans Voodoo & hoodoo authority..Busy women whoo.
I had posted a herbal floor wash to bring luck and prosperity into my house, and it worked real well.
My husband came home from work in severe pain so I made him a bath with it, pain went away completely. Fred said he needed more of those, heck so do I, and in the two years of living with this beast I have developed many. So this blog was born.

I am lucky enough to be stationed in Germany while my husband serves in the U.S Army.
Why is that lucky? German medicine is a lot different than in the U.S. They have a Herbal Tea for Everything. Everything. You are more likely to get prescribed a herbal tea than a medication. Not only that but these great flowers, herbs, barks and berries grow wild over here. And I have wonderful resources on their uses and properties.

I use to be a nurse, a good one. I helped my patients feel better. I felt bad for the ones who were always in pain and had a list of 20+ medications they took everyday. Now I am that patient.
But I ain't going out whining and moaning, I'm going out kicking scratching and fighting. After I kick some AS I'm going to sit down and have some nice ginger tea and soak in a herbal bath.
Keep tuned to Lil Miss Oya's Herbal World, you'll be glad you did