Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hebal Tea to Calm Agressive and Anxious Pets

As most of you know I have been on a herbal remedy expedition for awhile, ever since my ancestors said "go pick wild herbs" and I found that most of my favorite hoodoo and spell herbs grow wild where I live. Being well versed in the magical properties of herbs I set out to find out the medicinal uses as well. I have found some wonderful recipes and brews over the last few months.

One of the things in our house is, I'm a rescuer, I can't stand to let stray animals be strays. I always say I am going to find them a home but, well most of them are still here. Three dogs and a cat.

One of our dogs, Lilo, is a pug/lab mix and has always had jealousy issues. She is otherwise a very sweet and loving dog, good with kids good with neighbors, just jealous.  Lately her issues have been getting out of control to the point where she was frequently attacking one of the other dogs. Her and the cat would start war with each other. With those two I could never tell who started it. It was like children. I had to constantly carry a water gun or a squirt bottle.
Our chihuahua who has medical issues as it is has severe anxiety issues. Separation anxiety. When ever anyone picks up their  shoes without his lease he freaks out. He whines constantly, over everything. When we leave he will howl, cry and whine the entire time we are gone.
The other dog is just fine, no issues at all. The cat, well that's Legba's altar cat and bff, so she's nuts.

The constant fighting and whining I had finally had enough. So I looked up medications for anxious and aggressive dogs that I was going to talk the vet into giving them.
I found some very interesting articles on Herbal Preparations and even Bach's Rescue Remedy for Pet's.
I cross referenced the reciepes I found online with my Gale's Encyclopedia of Alternative Medication, the ASPCA website on harmful herbs for both cats and dogs and

This is the recipe I came up with for a calmer happier animal kingdom I live in.

20 bags of Chamomile tea, cut open and poured into a mason jar. Or 2 cups dried Chamomile herb. Chamomile is a nerve calming, analgesic and pain tonic for animals. - Hoodoo properties, good luck.
10 bags of Lemon grass tea, or 1 cup dried Lemongrass herb. Calms aggression and anxiety. - Hoodoo, wards off evil and promotes luck.
1/2 cup Lavender, dried. Calms nerves. -Hoodoo, love and luck.
1/4 cup Rosemary, dried. Calms the mind and is an anti-oxidant for animals. - Hoodoo, peaceful home and protection.
Mix together real well by shaking the jar, allowing all the herbs to blend well.
While I did this I thought of no more fighting no more whining and gave it positive vibes.
I let it sit over night so I could call the vet and get the ok before giving it to them. Their vet is a German vet who works on the Army base and was more than happy to Ok my blend of herbs for the dogs. She even wanted me to email her the recipe.

Take 1/4 cup herbal mixture to 2 cups water, bring to a hard boil and allow to steep for 15-20 minutes. Strain the tea, or if you used a teaball remove it. Pour the tea into a pitcher and add water until you have 1/2 a gallon of solution.
For dogs that will not drink I use a small medicine syringe and give him 2 tablespoons a day for a 10 lb chihuahua. I may need to up that he still whines.

The vet said it is safe for a small to medium size dog to have a 6 oz cup a day and large dogs over 75 kilos 12 oz.
I started this a week ago today, mine drink a little here and there I leave a small bowl out.
Lilo and the cat will just go drink it when they feel like it, stitch has to be force fed.
I have had peaceful bliss ever since. No more dog fighting, no more jealousy, they share toys and even the crazy cat has stopped attacking the dog and vice versa.

Just thought I'd share my awesome discovery with y'all. But remember as with anything always check with your medical professional first before using.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Herbs That Can be Used as Tea, soaks, ointments or tinctures for Pain and Other Conditions

Catnip (Nepeta cataria), also called Catmint.

This herb can be used for Muscle Cramps, Pms, Migraines and Tension Headaches, Promotes Relaxation, Cold and Flu, and Stomach aches. It is safe for children to drink as well and is used for colic. Pregnant women should not drink Catnip tea.

Making Catnip Tea

Dried Catnip can be made into a tea by adding 10 teaspoons of Catnip in a piece of cheese cloth, teaball, a piece of muslin or loose herbs into one liter of boiled water. Cover the pot to avoid the oil of the herb to evaporate. Let the herb steep for 10 minutes. If you used loose Catnip herb strain before drinking. Refrigerate the remaining tea in a mason jar or similar container.
You can also use the Catnip tea to treat bruises and cuts either as a soak added to bath or make a compress with the tea and place it on injured area. It is a wonderful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. If you have no Catnip tea available the fresh herb, or wet dried herb can be applied directly to the skin or injured area.

Catnip can be a sedative so it is best not to use if you have plans to go any where, it is not safe to drive or operate heavy machinery after use.
Other common side effects are upset stomach and of course allergic reaction. It has no known interactions with any drugs but may increase the effects of other sedative herbs.

In Hoodoo Catnip is used as a love and attraction herb. It is an ingredient in many love potions and spells. It is also a good herb to use when you want to make a peaceful home brew.

Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens)

Devil's Claw is a very popular herbal medication in Europe. It is used for a variety of conditions such as; rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, soft muscle pain(tendonitis), inflammation, fever and headaches.
It is also used as an appetite stimulator and aids with digestion. Another popular use was for some liver and kidney problems, I have not found the studies or confirmed sources on that use other than as folk medicine. In Germany it is used primarily as a pain, inflammation, headache and digestion remedy.
The herb can be taken in capsule form, a tincture, or my favorite, tea. The dosage of the capsule form is usually 50mg a day. As a tincture one teaspoon three times a day on an empty stomach.

Making Devil's claw tea

As a tea Devil's claw can be made by the cup or by the batch just like the Catnip tea. Prepare tea using 1 liter of boiling water poured over 4 teaspoons of the herb or 1 teaspoon to 10.5 oz or 300 ml of boiling water. Some alternative therapy websites and books say that the herb needs anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to steep to be of use. According to a study done in 1997 by the German Commission E (a commission similar to the FDA), it must be steeped for eight hours. Strain after steeping, if loose herb or root was used and drink warm. It is said to have a bitter taste, you can sweeten with honey or fruit juice. Store the remaining batch in a mason or similar jar in the refrigerator.

The draw back to using Devil's Claw is that it may take up to a month before you will see any noticeable improvement in pain relief or inflammation. People taking blood thinners or who have stomach ulcers should not take this herb. If you are planning surgery of any kind inform your surgeon that you are using Devil's Claw as it can increase bleeding time, you may be required to stop use of it two weeks prior to surgery. Use during pregnancy is uncertain some practitioners say it is safe some say it is not.
As with this or any herbal supplement it is not a replacement for traditional medical care when needed. Always inform your doctor of any vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement you are using. Western medicine is started to come around slowly to some alternative therapy's but not all doctor's are that open minded just yet. If you seriously desire to use only natural remedies consider seeking out a professional herbalist, homeopathic practitioner or naturopathic doctor.

No know Hoodoo properties that I have found.

The supporting material I used for these recipes are;

The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, 2nd edition, 2005

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Floor wash or body soak, for sore bodies and for unexpected luck, gifts, prosperity and money

I thought I would share this wash I had made up a few weeks ago and had wonderful results with.

I started out making a floorwash as I do every week or so. I wanted to bring success to a business I am starting and bring money my way. But it quickly turned into a bath soak.
I put 2-3 cups in my bath and good stuff just started piling up on me.
 Weird out of the blue stuff so I had to share this with everyone.
Next to their medicinal uses I will be putting Hoodoo uses for the herbs .
2 gallons of water
Elderberries-Topically used for swelling and wound healing. Can also be used for psorisis.--Hoodoo- protection
Mint---Topically used as a antibacterial, Counter acts the damage of oxidation on skin and tissue. Hoodoo- to break any blockages that may be keeping $$ from me and protect my $$
Nutmeg- Topically used to relax muscles & sedate the body, is one of the ingredients in Vicks vaporub--Hoodoo- bringing good fortune
Allspice- No topical use that I know of- Hoodoo-luck in business, $$, relieve stress
Cinnamon—Topically used anti-fungal & antibacterial for Hoodoo- luck in business & $$
Irish moss- No known medicinal use I know of- Hoodoo-$$ luck in business
Sassafras- Topically used to treat bruises and swelling- Hoodoo- good fortune in business success and increase $$
Cloves- when used topically anesthetic, pain relief, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory for Hoodoo-$$
Dandelion- Vitamin rich herb good for the skin, can be eaten also- Hoodoo- grant wishes- psychic gifts
Ginger- Topically used for arthritic and joint pain- Hoodoo - usually for fiery protection ,heats up love oh and is used for money spells
Sage- Used topically as a wound healer.- Hoodoo- I add to all floor washes- increase wisdom protects and purifies my fav wild grows white sage by my house.

I let my intuition guide me on how much to use a handful of this a pinch of that. 
You can use fresh herbs or dried. Best results are ones you pick and dry your self,
but you can and I have used herbs bought from the grocery store.
Bring to low boil.
Let simmer on low for a few hours, every so often go and stir it with your hand. Talk to it and tell it what you need it to do, give it it's purpose. Ask the spirits to guide you and pour their power into it. I called to my ancestors and to the Orisha and asked them to help my household with what we need. Do this about every hour. I usually let simmer on 1-2 setting on electric stove for about 4 hours. Then I let it cool off in the pot over night. Before I let it sit I add
1/2 cup liquid dish soap (I substitute scent free shower gel if fora body wash,this batch I used dish soap)

when added to bath also used
Epsom Salts- Topically muscle relaxant, rheumatism and arthritis- Hoodoo- cleanse, purification,and bless
Sea Salt-Topically to remove toxins from the skin- Hoodoo- all purpose curio.

To use as a floor was add a cup or two to a gallon bucket of water with your regular floor cleaner.
In the bath Two to three sometimes more if you feel like it, lay back and enjoy.

Not only did the good stuff start piling in but after using in a bath, I felt great!
 Even my husband used it after a hard day at work, he was one big bruise/cramp and after the bath he felt great!

I would love to hear back from any of you who use my recipe and how it worked for you.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome To My World

Welcome to my blog.
I wanted to start my own site for sometime now, why? Because I suffer from a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis , what is that... It's like Rheumatoid Arthritis with some Lupus and some ugly other stuff thrown in just for kicks. Or as a wonderful website support group I found calls it's “Arthritis with an Attitude” you can find them at

The Spondylitis Association of America almost 1% of the U.S population has this condition, only 7% of the total population carry the gene marker, HLA-B27. Of those almost 1% of the population that have AS only 4% are women. This is pretty much the norm world wide. Yeah leave it to me to get some wild obscure condition.

Oh but AS is more than just Arthritis it comes with all kind of wonderful other stuff like Iritis, which is where the immune system decides that your eye is the enemy/virus and tries to kill it. Imagine little demons behind your eye trying to push your eyeball out, it's fun. We get all the symptoms of RA without the joint damage, yeah pain but no twisted fingers. But the best part is slowly over time the spine calcifies and fuses together, ya know those little old people who are permanently bent over, or the ones with hunchbacks, Go team, that's us.

I wanted to start a blog about this two years ago when the Doctors finally figured out what was wrong with me. I thought I was crazy or some kind of hypochondriac, so did a lot of people. Never really sick, just vague not feeling well. Now my disease has a name, and a horribly bleak prognosis. But I didn't come here to whine, yes I'm in chronic pain, everyday. Yes everyday I wake up to ask myself what kind of crap am I going to feel like today.

Why did I never start that blog? Who the hell wants to listen to someone whine and moan about how bad they feel, or this hurts that hurts. Or that I'm not even 40 years old and this isn't fair. As my best friend Lyn Arroyo said, “I'm too young and beautiful for this to happen to me.” But it did, and no life’s not fair. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

One of my passions has always been Hoodoo, yes I said that, so if that offends you please go on to another blog site. I respect everyone's beliefs and I expect mine to be respected. I will be blogging about herbal, alternative and Hoodoo therapy’s.
Now this is no substitution for regular medical care, but something to be used in addition to traditional medication. Always ask your doctor before taking any herbal supplement consult the doctor or nurse.

I was posting back and forth with a friend, Fred on my fav .Ning site run by the awesome author Denise Alvarado, and an expert in a few hundred other things and Sharon, her business partner,an author & magazine writer,co-publisher of Hoodoo & Conjure Quarterly,a Wiccan High Priestess, & a New Orleans Voodoo & hoodoo authority..Busy women whoo.
I had posted a herbal floor wash to bring luck and prosperity into my house, and it worked real well.
My husband came home from work in severe pain so I made him a bath with it, pain went away completely. Fred said he needed more of those, heck so do I, and in the two years of living with this beast I have developed many. So this blog was born.

I am lucky enough to be stationed in Germany while my husband serves in the U.S Army.
Why is that lucky? German medicine is a lot different than in the U.S. They have a Herbal Tea for Everything. Everything. You are more likely to get prescribed a herbal tea than a medication. Not only that but these great flowers, herbs, barks and berries grow wild over here. And I have wonderful resources on their uses and properties.

I use to be a nurse, a good one. I helped my patients feel better. I felt bad for the ones who were always in pain and had a list of 20+ medications they took everyday. Now I am that patient.
But I ain't going out whining and moaning, I'm going out kicking scratching and fighting. After I kick some AS I'm going to sit down and have some nice ginger tea and soak in a herbal bath.
Keep tuned to Lil Miss Oya's Herbal World, you'll be glad you did