Saturday, January 15, 2011

Floor wash or body soak, for sore bodies and for unexpected luck, gifts, prosperity and money

I thought I would share this wash I had made up a few weeks ago and had wonderful results with.

I started out making a floorwash as I do every week or so. I wanted to bring success to a business I am starting and bring money my way. But it quickly turned into a bath soak.
I put 2-3 cups in my bath and good stuff just started piling up on me.
 Weird out of the blue stuff so I had to share this with everyone.
Next to their medicinal uses I will be putting Hoodoo uses for the herbs .
2 gallons of water
Elderberries-Topically used for swelling and wound healing. Can also be used for psorisis.--Hoodoo- protection
Mint---Topically used as a antibacterial, Counter acts the damage of oxidation on skin and tissue. Hoodoo- to break any blockages that may be keeping $$ from me and protect my $$
Nutmeg- Topically used to relax muscles & sedate the body, is one of the ingredients in Vicks vaporub--Hoodoo- bringing good fortune
Allspice- No topical use that I know of- Hoodoo-luck in business, $$, relieve stress
Cinnamon—Topically used anti-fungal & antibacterial for Hoodoo- luck in business & $$
Irish moss- No known medicinal use I know of- Hoodoo-$$ luck in business
Sassafras- Topically used to treat bruises and swelling- Hoodoo- good fortune in business success and increase $$
Cloves- when used topically anesthetic, pain relief, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory for Hoodoo-$$
Dandelion- Vitamin rich herb good for the skin, can be eaten also- Hoodoo- grant wishes- psychic gifts
Ginger- Topically used for arthritic and joint pain- Hoodoo - usually for fiery protection ,heats up love oh and is used for money spells
Sage- Used topically as a wound healer.- Hoodoo- I add to all floor washes- increase wisdom protects and purifies my fav wild grows white sage by my house.

I let my intuition guide me on how much to use a handful of this a pinch of that. 
You can use fresh herbs or dried. Best results are ones you pick and dry your self,
but you can and I have used herbs bought from the grocery store.
Bring to low boil.
Let simmer on low for a few hours, every so often go and stir it with your hand. Talk to it and tell it what you need it to do, give it it's purpose. Ask the spirits to guide you and pour their power into it. I called to my ancestors and to the Orisha and asked them to help my household with what we need. Do this about every hour. I usually let simmer on 1-2 setting on electric stove for about 4 hours. Then I let it cool off in the pot over night. Before I let it sit I add
1/2 cup liquid dish soap (I substitute scent free shower gel if fora body wash,this batch I used dish soap)

when added to bath also used
Epsom Salts- Topically muscle relaxant, rheumatism and arthritis- Hoodoo- cleanse, purification,and bless
Sea Salt-Topically to remove toxins from the skin- Hoodoo- all purpose curio.

To use as a floor was add a cup or two to a gallon bucket of water with your regular floor cleaner.
In the bath Two to three sometimes more if you feel like it, lay back and enjoy.

Not only did the good stuff start piling in but after using in a bath, I felt great!
 Even my husband used it after a hard day at work, he was one big bruise/cramp and after the bath he felt great!

I would love to hear back from any of you who use my recipe and how it worked for you.