Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Spell to Attract Love or Re-Attract and Old Flame.

Hello Dear Friends!

 With Valentines day just a day away I thought I would share with you all a love spell. I made it for a friend and we shall she how well it works. She wishes to get an old love back and nothing stands in her way but a fear to commit on his part. Here is the spell I gave her.

Take equal amounts of Sage, peppermint, star anise not regular anise seeds, lavender, rose petals, and safflower oil. I'd use about 1/4th cup of each. Now if you do not have fresh herbs or plants, I have and do use spices from the grocery store. Even peppermint tea in a pinch.
Mix all into a small sauce pan and let simmer on low or 3 on a electric stove let simmer for about 3 to 4 hours, covered. If the oil dries out you can add a little more. Safflower is the best for this but you may sub with olive oil.
When it's simmered for a few hours to allow the oil to absorb all of the oils from the herbs Add 2 quarts of water, again let simmer on low, for another hour.
Strain and put mixture into a glass jar. Use about a 1/2 cup per bath. Bathe in this mixture for 5 consecutive days.
Burn a pink or purple candle and think of him as you are bathing. Think of the two of you together.
if you do not plan to use it right away put some vitamin E into it , to prevent spoilage.

Another good spell for love is to feed your desired lover something with your essence in it. Think fluid essences. That will cause a deeper and stronger bond for him to think of only you.
Be cautious about who you want to put a love spell, or any spell on for that matter, once done some are hard to break. You may end up with this person hanging around for a long time.
Enjoy all and Have a Happy Valentines day!