Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Extract Maca Root For Tincture

Things You'll Need      * Maca root     * Distilled water     * 100 proof alcohol     * Blender     * Wide-mouth jar     * Cheese cloth     * Coffee filter     * Funnel     * Dark-colored medicine bottle with dropper     * Label     * Pen  Tips      * Vodka is generally used to make extracts.     * If you prefer not to use alcohol you can substitute vinegar; this may decrease potency.     * Use sterile equipment for best results.  Warnings      * 100 proof alcohol is extremely flammable; do not use near open flame.

Maca root is a nutritional supplement from the Peruvian Andes used for a variety of health conditions. Considered a super food in Peru, maca is used for infertility, impotence, menopause, and sexual dysfunction in men and women taking anti-depressants. Clinical trials are currently being conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital for its use for sexual dysfunction and acute anterior uveitis, a painful condition of swelling and inflammation behind the eye. Make maca root into an extract at home for personal use.

Getting Started  Step 1  Purchase whole or chopped maca root at your local Whole Foods store. The root is sold either fresh or dried. Fresh maca root must be sun-dried 10 to 15 days before it can be made into an extract for maximum potency. You can also oven dry it for four to five hours, but this will diminish the quality. Skip this step if you purchased dried maca root.

  Step 2  Weigh your dried maca root. You will need one part maca root to two parts liquid. For example, you need two ounces of maca root and four ounces of distilled water and four ounces of 100-proof alcohol. Coarsely chop the root and place in a blender or food processor. Allow blender to run until root is ground into a coarse powder. Once it is the desired consistency turn off blender. Add the four ounces of distilled water and the four ounces of alcohol. Run the blender until the root material and the liquid is mixed into a fine paste. Pour the contents into a wide mouth jar. Seal the jar, label it with the contents and the date. Allow the jar and mixture to steep in a warm spot out of direct sunlight for two weeks. Shake the jar daily to prevent settling or separation of the mixture.

Step 3  After two weeks, strain the liquid from the solid root material through a cheesecloth into a container. Twist and squeeze cheesecloth tightly to extract as much of the liquid as possible. Strain the liquid again through a coffee filter. Use funnel to pour liquid extract into a dark-colored dropper bottle. Label and date the maca root extract bottle. Tincture Extract will keep up to one year.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adding Herbal Tinctures to Tea

Tea Time

With people becoming more health conscious the demand for herbal supplements and tinctures have grown. Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs. They are usually extracted in alcohol, but they can also be extracted in vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. Tinctures can either be taken by simply placing a drop or two under the tongue or adding a few drops of the supplement in a cup of tea. Given the bitter nature taste of some herbs adding them to your tea is certainly a sweeter deal.

You can find tinctures in your local health food store, pharmacy or herbalist. Find the right tincture for your condition or need. Do your research, tinctures just as over the counter medications are not a one type fits all. Many tinctures are labeled with the condition making choosing easier. For example one named Cold and Flu tincture will contain herbs believed to help treat colds and flu. condition. You can get a single herb preparation or a multiple herbal formula. When in doubt do not be afraid to ask. Many employees of the health food stores and some pharmacies have either a person on staff who is familiar with the products or access to the product material.

If you do not have a favorite tea now is the best time to find one. Just as tinctures come bag in a wide variety, so do teas. From loose tea to prepackaged in their own bags the variety is endless. Have a sweet tooth, cinnamon apple or mango vanilla tea with some honey is a good choice. Want more traditional reach for the earl grey or some good green tea.

Set your water to boil. Place tea bag in cup and pour in water, allow tea to steep according to package directions. Add sweetener if desired. Allow the tea to cool for a minute before adding the tincture. Adding the tincture to the boiling water can destroy the herbs herb's enzymes. Use the medicine dropper to add the tincture to your tea. The dosage of tincture will depend on package instructions or the instructions of your physician or herbalist.

You can use your favorite tea or purchase one especially for taking the tincture. Remember to take in to consideration that other herbal teas may interact with the tincture.
Choose your herbal tea carefully as some herbs may make the tincture you add to the tea useless or even dangerous. The popular herb St. John's Wort should not be used with licorice root because it may cause your blood pressure to rise. This goes for your prescription medication as well. For example milk thistle tincture will interact with medications taken for diabetes. This is where doing your research and keeping your physician informed of your supplements becomes necessary.

In my next posting I will give instructions on making your own herbal tinctures at home.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Oya's Product List

Miss Oya's Product List

Using only the finest, freshest and 100% organic herbs, resins, and oils from Bavaria, Germany. Herbs are hand picked and dried when in season. Not only do our products focus on the magical properties but we promote the healing benefits of the herbs as well.
All Products can be made into a oil, bath soak, bar soap, body wash, floor and house wash unless other wise noted. Both medicinal and magical, hoodoo properties listed.

All Product is packed in recycled containers when available so packaging may differ depending, but quantities nor quality will not.

Custom blends for special conditions can and will be made upon request.
Not all herbs are safe for pregnant or nursing women, please consult before use.

Healing and Magical Herbal and/or Essential Oil Bath Salts
Healing mixtures of herbs, barks and Oils, blended with Coarse sea salt, Epsom salts, and dead sea salt.
12 oz $10.00
Coming Soon Healing and Magical Herbal Baths with out salts or minerals

Healing and Hoodoo Washes
All organic and gentle enough to clean both the body or the house.
Made with fresh herbs or oils, depending on the mixture. Cleansing formulas will be sent in dried herb and oil infused form, with instructions on how to turn them into washes. This is to insure the highest quality and prevent spoilage during shipping.
8 dry oz $9.99

Magical/Hoodoo or Oils Hand-blended
Base oil is 100% Organic Grape Seed or Jojoba depending on formula.
1 Fl. Oz $6.00
2.5 Fl. Oz $9.99

Healing &/Or Magical Herbal, Essential Oil Soap & Body Wash
Herbal organic $3.00 Herbal and milk organic $4.00
Body Wash 8 Fl Oz $ 9.99

Top Hot Formulas

9 Item Love Healer/to mend a blocked relationship)/Relaxant and Beauty Enhancement

Detox For The Body, Soul or House

Super Luck and Prosperity/ Anti-inflammatory Formula
Used in the bath or even as a house wash this formula brings luck, money and opportunities to the user from unexpected places. Used as a bath soak it has excellent anti-inflammatory

Fiery love /Cold and Flu & anti-inflammatory
Incites passion, reignites the old flame and spark in your love live. The healing properties of the herbs and ingredients helps fight and ward off colds and flu. Also an excellent anti-inflammatory soak when used in the bath.

Heart and Soul Mender

Removes the residue of past relationships gone bad/soothes nerves, lifts depression and eases tension headaches, rejuvenates and re-hydrates skin

Banishing Formula/ No medicinal uses
Gets rid of the really bad jinxs and hexing.

Vision Formula(best as oil)
For strengthening your divination tools, use during meditation or anointing your third eye.

Lady Luck/ Stress and pain relief.

Other formulas

Arthritis and Auto-immune Healer/Strong Love Hold (Can be used in reverse to rid yourself of unwanted love or attention)

Joint Soothing Blend/Good Business Blend, (Especially useful when you have strong business adversaries or need to keep the law away.)

Muscle Soothing Blend/ Fiery Protection

Circulation Blend & Anti-inflammatory / Bring Me Love and Money

Antioxidant, Anti-aging /Cleanse the Way and Draw Me Money.

Pain Relief, Antispasmodic / Cleanse the Way and Draw Business

Detox and Pain Relief / Clears & Protects Money

Immunity and Skin Rejuvenation Booster/ Personal Power and Protection

Beautifying Skin/Jinx Breaking and Protection

Purification and Healing Blend/ Hex & Jinx Send Back(Sends the bad right back to the one who threw it at you)

Serenity and Tranquility Blend/ Increasing Blend

Skin Calming and Soothing Blend/ Increase Love and Beauty

Skin Cleansing and Anti-rheumatic Blend/ Power Blend

Soothing Blend/Love and Wish Drawing

Nighttime Soothing Pain Relief and Anti-inflammatory/ Dreams Answered Blend

Woman’s Health and Tranquility Blend/Powerful Woman

Stimulating and Uplifting/ Midas Touch

Yes we do test our products on animals, only those formulas which are ASPCA certified safe Herbs for animals.

Doggie Be Calm (Cat friendly too)
An herbal infusion that can be given as a side dish of water for your four legged family member.
Helps dogs with jealousy, aggression and anger issues. Is a nerve tonic and analgesic. Hoodoo properties are good luck, peaceful home, love and protection.
Dosage 6 fl. Oz per day as needed.
4 oz of dried herb makes 2 gallons of water. $9.00

Coming Soon More Furry Friend Line of Products