Friday, May 27, 2011

How To Remove A Love Hex

Spiritual cleansing baths are a common used in magic and hoodoo to remove a hex. The strongest items you could use for this purpose are either already in your kitchen pantry, farmers market or grocery store. Essential oils may be used as well though some of these particular herbs are difficult to find in oil form.

Items you will need

Dill weed
Lemon balm
Bay leaves
Aloe Vera
Magnolia leaves
Cheese cloth or Muslin bag
Pot of water and lid
White votive or tea light candle
Bath tub or shower
Clean white towel

Look at the list of items given for this ritual bath you may be thinking this is a complex work, it is not.. Dill weed, bay leaves and Lemon balm, items one through three, are specifically used for removing a hex The rest of the list are items used in love, hex removing and protection spells. Gather together at least nine of the herbal items. The dill, bay leaves and the lemon balm are a must to remove a love hex. Salt is also a very strong jinx remover.

Take a hand full of dill weed, lemon balm and bay leaves and six other items of your choosing on this list and tie them in a cheese cloth or muslin bag. If you are using salt do not add that to the bag, that you add directly to the tub or shower.

Place the bag of herbs into pot of water, cover and simmer on low heat for at least one hour. Do not allow to boil this will evaporate many of the good primary essential oils of the plants into the air.

Once the plants have simmered run a bath. Light your white candle. If you only have access to a shower how to use this spell will be in the next step. Pour the pot of water with the bag of herbs into the bath. If you have chosen salt as one of the ingredients this is the time to add a hand full of this. Wash your body in a downward motion to remove the negativity of the love hex.

If you only have access to a shower tie the bag of herbs to your shower head. String a rubber band anything to allow the water to flow through the herbs. Wash your body in a downward motion with the cooled water from the pot.

While washing think of how the power of the herbs are removing your love hex. Imagine it washing away from your life and down the drain. If you know the person who put the love hex on you imagine them or their efforts against you washing down the drain as well.

Cleanse thoroughly then step out of the tub and dry yourself in a clean white towel. Carry your candle to a safe place if it is still burning and allow to burn down. Depose of the candle remains at the base of a tree far from your house.

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